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Past Projects

LGBTQ Media Study


Description: This study utilized LexisNexis and Google News search engines to examine the potential increase in suicide completions among LGBTQ youth.  Although previous media data focused on LGBTQ suicide attempts and completions to a greater degree, prevalence data regarding LGBTQ adolescent suicide deaths has been difficult to accurately estimate.  Information regarding sexual orientation and/or gender identity is not typically available in postmortem records.  The primary question of this study was: has there been a significant increase in LGBTQ adolescent suicide deaths due to bullying, or is the media focusing more readily on an existing problematic trend?  The results of this study were presented at the August 2011 American Psychological Association annual convention.


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Pflum, S., Venema, K., Tomlins, J., Goldblum, P. B., & Bongar, B. (2014). Suicidal ideation and behavior among sexual minority youth: Correlates, vulnerabilities, and protective factors. In U. Kumar (Ed.), Suicidal Behaviour: Underlying Dynamics. New York: Routledge

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