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Past Projects

Stress and Resilience in Italian Transgender Populations

Investigators: Cristiano Scandurra, Ph.D., Kimberly F. Balsam, Ph.D., Rylan Testa, Ph.D., Pasquale Dolce, Ph.D., Vincenzo Bochicchio, Ph.D., & Chiara Cavara, Ph.D.

Description: This study represents a partnership between CLEAR researchers and researchers at the University of Naples in Italy.  The Gender Minority Stress and Resilience Scale, which was developed by CLEAR and published in 2015, was translated into Italian and administered along with other measures of stress, trauma, and mental health and well-being to a sample of 203 transgender and non-binary individuals living in Italy.  This study is the largest sample to date of this marginalized population in Italy and results will inform assessment, clinical practice and research in Italy and with Italian-speaking populations regarding the unique needs of TGNB individuals.

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