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Past Projects

The San Francisco Welcoming Schools Guide Pilot

Investigators: Peter Goldblum, Ph.D., MPH, Allison Briscoe-Smith, Ph.D., Amanda Houston-Hamilton, & Amelia Fystrom

Description: In School Year 2007-2008, the Human Rights Commission asked CLEAR to provide technical assistance and program evaluation to a pilot project implementing the Welcoming Schools Guide - a curriculum for elementary schools to help teachers create and foster an atmosphere where all students feel they belong, where diversity and tolerance are celebrated. The results of this study “supports California state laws and SFUSD policies that LGBT curriculum should be taught across all grades, including elementary school” (Goldblum et al., 2010).  Elementary school children are developmentally able to understand and appreciate LGBT topics.  This study is extraordinarily useful in helping principals, school administrators, and teachers understand and implement LGBT curriculum in an appropriate manner.


Goldblum, P. (2009) San Francisco Welcoming Schools Pilot Final Evaluation Report, submitted to the San Francisco Unified School District. To download full text of report, click here.

Goldblum, P., Upah, R., & Grant, N. (2010) Follow-up Qualitative Evaluations of Welcoming Schools Pilot Project, submitted to Human Rights Campaign. To download full text of report, click here.

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